Unknown rappers who had beef with established rappers

It always happen in hip hop that when artists are still trying to make names for themselves, they’ll try to pick a beef with established artists. Today We’ll be looking at minors who tryed to beef with GOATS.

MT Vanecular MC. A lot of people were introduced to MT when he released his song called Nondindwa, on the song he raps in vernac and he was talkin about girls who dont have self respect. A lot of rap heads knows nondindwa coz its was a streets hits around 2013-14, the song was off his album called Skhanda vol. 1. When KO embarked a solo career he chose to do something different than what they did as Teargas(Him, Ntukza and Ma-E). Then he started a doing Skhanda Rap which had SA’s original sound mixed with urban hip hop but the content was representing the kasi life. Looking as joints like Caracara, no Fear freestyle, etc. When KO released his platinum selling debut album Skhanda Republic, MT vanecular felf like KO and his camp were stealing his sound and presenting it as they are the ones who invented it, and MT couldn’t let KO get away with murder then he released a disrective diss track towards KO called Ihem Hem in 2014. But the diss record was not enough to get KO’s attention.

When KO ignored him, Emtee the hustler poped with his first single Roll up. Then MT vanecular chose to go after Emtee calling him fake Emtee because he belived that Emtee stole his name.

Mthinayi Itsunami tryed his luck with duncan. On his track mthinayi said the famous line in rap “I used to like your old stuff” towards duncan, and said “ said these days ya’ll dont create you just remix, ya’ll parasites”, That was a diss towards duncan coz in that time duncan had his first mainstream song Tsikitsiki which was a sample from Mdu Masilela’s song tsikitsiki, Duncan didn’t take that serious. Then mthinayi went to social media and quoted Kendrick lamar’s control bar (I got love for you, but im trynna murder all you niggas”, where where he mentioned a couple of SA rappers including duncan. Then duncan dropped his first diss called isigwebo sokqala, Mthinayi didn’t respond to that coz he felt like the song was weak for him.

Then duncan had an interview on ukhozi Fm’s hip hop show, where he was asked to drop a freestyle, where he threw some jabs towards mthinayi. Then mthinayi got an interview on the same show where he responded. Then after that the dissed each other through songs.


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