SA Rappers with superb chemistry P.1

Today I Decided to make a list of South african rap artists that have great chemistry with one another, here we talkin about artists that have two or more collabs and delivered good songs

AKA & KO. These two have about four songs together firstly it was God’s will, secondly it was Run Jozi, the third one was Bang out which also had Nasty c, and the last one is the recently released KO’s Fire emojis. From they way they tackled that god’s will beat you can feel that it wasn’t that “email a verse” type of collabo it was a team effort.

AKA, DA LES, Maggz. They have collaborated on Heaven, Real Stuff, and Money Over Bitches. They have bacame peoples favorite collabo, it went to a point where everytime LES releases an album people would go and chech the tracklist to see if there’s another song with all three of them. DA LES has worked with AKA without maggz on songs like Kontrol, Paid and All eyes on me. And also he done worked with maggz without mega on songs like Fire, pave the way, get ready, baddest on the planet and lot more. What makes this work its because they all different and when they collaborate they bring different elements on the song. DA LES and Maggz collab album would really be dope.

L-Tido and AKA. This one is really interesting because these two had a beef from 2009 to early 2010s. It’s really sad that they’ve been starving us some really good music. Their first song together was thixo which was released early last year which also had Yanga on the Hook. And this year they blessed us with Amen on AKA TMB album and No Favors on L-Tidos 16 album, both these songs are single worthy, and we might see vids for both songs.

Nasty C with Tellaman and Erick Rush. A lot of us first heared Erick on swoosh his 2016 song Ft. Nasty C, fans slept on it. Then on bad hair Erick delivered 3 verses on Problems, Check, and Forget. And they were all great because even though they both rappers but they have different styles which makes it interesting. Nasty C and tella also had three songs together on bad hair: Dont Do It, 25 and overload, that’s when a lot of people started to believe on tellaman. They have a lot of songs together and their collab album is on the way. They also collaborated on Dont BAB, S.A.P, Dance, Im gone, verge, noma kanjan.


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